As they say, “location location location!”  Location is a very important aspect for personal training. I can offer various venues in various high quality locations in Frankfurt and Koningstein through my partners.  

For example, in center city of Frankfurt you´ll find my Partner PRO REHA Performance Center & Physiotherapy. It has excellent equipment and a wonderful atmosphere. Players and clients are supported via the 1:1 principle. However, anything up to a small group is also possible.

For those clients who live outside of Frankfurt and would like to engage in training or swimming, I can offer the COUNTRY CLUB & SPA resort located in the luxury hotel Kempinski Frankfurt Gravenbruch.



Sport consulting helps me to get to know my clients personality. My clients will not be able to achieve much from the best training regimens if they’re not willing to use them or are unable to follow them. Through training, your body becomes more powerful, faster, flexible and stable. So how is this achieved? In one word: motivation.

Motivation can’t be built if I don’t know who my client is, what he or she wants and what feels ‘right’ to them. "What" or "how" my clients  train is my second choice. First choice is "why" they are doing this and 

therefore a central tenet of successful and fulfilling training is communication.



Profiling in team sports revolves around the analysis of the individual responsibilities of the person with the characteristics of the players themselves. With this information, selecting the right person for the right position - that special ‘fit’ - is made possible. Various large companies and professional sport clubs have already seen the advantage of profiling within their respective organizations. As a former professional athlete I intrinsically know the importance of ‘togetherness’ and team chemistry in achieving results. I have witnessed the vulnerability of teams and how they were unable to function as a whole due to their lack of cohesiveness.

In order to create an optimal and successful team one requires specific know-how, courage, structured thinking, respect, consciousness, empathy and rationality. This art requires adding the right variable in the right amount for the right circumstance. For example, how much of a certain ingredient should a Michelin Star chef add to all of his dishes? 


So how do you know ‘who’ is the right ingredient?


For me, the team and its components (the players of the team) are the most important aspects in working together. They are both the ingredients and the chef. If you know which dish to cook, you know which ingredients you need. The reality however, is different. Therefore my experts and I created a method which makes selecting a new team member and integrating him or her a lot easier. In a very detailed manner, we investigate their physical abilities and/or skills along with their characteristics. Following this the client receives a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the potential candidate. This aids in creating an effective team.


  1. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  2. Talent wins games, teamwork wins championship
  3. People who work together add to their potential. People who work for each other multiply their potential.