My name is Alexander Althenn and I hold a B.A. in Sport Science with a major in power and stabilization training from the Goethe University, Frankfurt. After university I obtained an “A-Lizenz” to become a qualified Personal Fitness Instructor which is underwritten by the “Vereinigung e.V.” (the German Fitness Instructors Union).  


For the last 20 years my personal passion has been playing ice hockey and I was fortunate enough to have spent seven years playing ice hockey professionally. While immensely fun and intense, these seven years also provided me with much experience and knowledge of sport in general.  


However, like every professional athlete, I had to consider life after ice hockey. My goal was to gain a thorough understanding in athletics, fitness and personal training with a focus on the science behind the sport and the body. When I began working as a professional trainer I realized that there is an inherent connection between the body, our emotions and the prescribed training regimen. Sport training alone will only get you so far and for that reason my training includes a positive social ambiance and incorporates the emotional state of the client for optimum results. In sum, the goal of expanding physical borders in both sports and the body itself motivated me to become a coach.  


I had the privilege to work with Thomas Hertlein for two years; a coach who specializes in the connection between brain and body. What I learnt from him enables me to provide my clients with positive physical results by connecting their emotions to their body. This knowledge is also imparted on professional athletes who I rehabilitate in the Pro Reha Centre (Frankfurt) under the professional principle of “Personal Training.” Therefore now I work with Markus Flemming, he is one of the best sports psychologists in germany. He gives me the chance to see athletes from different angles and helps me to work with their patterns.


My work is founded on the philosophy of honesty, self-critical reflection and ambition. I am utterly reliable, approachable and relish a challenge. I am also competitively orientated with an intimate understanding of teamwork; its power, reach and impact.            



My personel training sessions focus on the connection between body and mind. It can be used to support positive changes in ones life and this is at the heart of what I do with my clients. I assist them to reach higher levels of capacity and achieve optimum levels of efficiency, both of which can be used in various situations throughout your daily lives. My priority is consistent; the achievement of an effective and ‘best possible’ training goal.  


My clients personality and how I use it to connect them to their exercises is the most important aspect in the creation of the training program. The best personal training program binds my clients goals, life style and natural physical constitution. In this way I create a new perspective for my clients where they are able to view physical training from a broader perspective.


My slogan #STRONGCORE and #POWERFULBODY articulate my individual strengths which I achieved as a professional athlete. By sticking strictly to these mottos, I see my clients become stronger and more powerful everyday.  


Give personal training a go, get to know me & my philosophy and how I can help you step-by-step. Done correctly, physical training can be both easy and a lot of fun.