A personalized training program commences with an interview where personal goals, expectations and physical constitution are discussed. From here, we undertake a lifestyle interview where we discuss general goals and how they relate to one’s personal life. 

Our interview will also cover your medical health history. A major part of this process is the Functional Movement Screening which informs me about your power, stability and flexibility. Specifically, your cardio-vascular system, vital functions and measurements of weight and fat will be documented. The results of these will form the basis of an effective training program.



The specific focus of the personalized training program will depend on your physical capabilities and training goals. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional athlete, I will work with you from that level and build your physical capabilities and bodily awareness so they can be harnessed in your everyday life.


A: Functional Warm Up

  1. Active Stretching
  2. Mobilisation
  3. Heart Rate Activation


B: Muscle Building Workout, Bodyshaping

  1. Barbell-/Dumbbellworkout
  2. Kettlebellworkout
  3. Bodyweighttraining
  4. Corestrength Cable Machine
  5. Gravitytraining
  6. Stability- & Rotation Workout
  7. TRX Suspensiontraining


C: Stregnth- & Performance Training

  1. Cross Fit
  2. Fitness Boxing
  3. Bodyweighttraining


D: Endurance Training - Bodyfatreduction

  1. Running
  2. Biking
  3. Crosswalking
  4. Rowing
  5. Swimming
  6. Inlineskating


E: Cool Down

  1. Passive Stretch 
  2. Fascial Therapy
  3. Sport Massage



Together with my rehab partner I also work with injuries and conditions of permanent physical pain to offer a higher quality of life and first-class support to achieve long-lasting results.

  • Spinal exercises
  • Rehabilitation training after injuries
  • Prevention training
  • Coordination and “proprioceptive” training



I support companies and their employees with bodily awareness in their work life. My qualitative support is conducted individually resulting in less sick-days thereby increasing the capabilities of the company through the CHM (Corporate Health Management program). These classes can be done for all employees during a “Health Day” class or conducted on a regular basis with me as your company’s partner in the “Company Fitness” program.  


  • CHM - Consultation, coaching and training for flexibility strength
  • Health Days - seminars and workshops for employees 
  • Company Fitness - various courses and team building exercises



For the last few years I have been training players from the first and second division of the German federal football league.  I thoroughly enjoy working with them as I was also a professional athlete and I therefore understand the mentality of the players. My real strengths are working with individual players post-injury and in pre-season conditioning.


Trainings I Fulfill:

  • Rehabilitative support until return to team training.
  • Intensive care in preparation to the season+
  • Individual sport and competitive sport training

Sport Profiling/Sport and Coaching in Professional Sport

  • Strength and stabilization training for competitive athletes
  • Optimizing athletic ability
  • Consciousness and attentive training

The athlete learns how to read patterns during game play thereby becoming more effective.